Microsoft Azure Found to Have Multiple Weak Points


Technology news is always filled with stories of data breaches and hacker activity. The common thread in many of these stories is backdoor access for criminals to capture data and share that with malicious parties. In this article, we focus on the widely-used cloud computing software, Microsoft Azure.

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How Hard Is It To Put A Value On A Managed Service Provider?

Enterprise Solutions Consulting IT Managed Service Provider MSP

If you’ve never worked with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you may be wondering what the benefits are of having your technology support covered under one umbrella. Outside of the typical IT assistance, the stigma of a MSP is that it is simply a help desk to respond to incidents or when a team member can’t access their system the way they need to. In actuality, an operative MSP partner has a real benefit for your businesses through precautionary measures and prognostic maintenance.

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Here Are Cyber Security Statistics & Data For 2022

Enterprise Solutions Consulting Here Are Cyber Security Statistics & Data For 2022

On average, a malware attack costs a company over $2.5 million (including the time needed to resolve the attack. Malware attacks are when sensitive information is less secure than it should be and cyber criminals take advantage of your position.

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We Perform Cyber Attack Tests On Our Websites First


From healthcare portals, higher education accounts, credit card processing, logistics, and banking, team members are sharing data at all hours of the day. And the amount of data stored in web applications – whether customer information, images, text, and sensitive email communication – has increased exponentially.

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Is Your Fingerprint Really That Secure?


Fingerprint, voice activation, and facial recognition. We use them for our phones, computers, and to access apps. And the common thought is that these things can’t be taken, right? Think again! Even though your fingerprints and voice are your own, you are actually not the only one who has access to them.

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Are Your Systems Unreliable?


Unreliable tools are one of the top items on our IT audit that we commonly identify for our top Fortune 500 clients. After outlining a patching or replacement plan, clients see a dramatic cost savings and increase in productivity.

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