We Perform Cyber Attack Tests On Our Websites First

From healthcare portals, higher education accounts, credit card processing, logistics, and banking, team members are sharing data at all hours of the day. And the amount of data stored in web applications – whether customer information, images, text, and sensitive email communication – has increased exponentially.

A study by the University of Maryland revealed that hackers attack websites every 39 seconds. That means the number of cyber attacks comes to 2,244 times a day.

And, on average, 30,000 new websites are hacked every day.

What does this mean to your organization’s secure data? Implementing security testing is vital for any device connected to the internet.

What Does This Mean For Your Organization?​​​​​​

Every website is a target for cybercriminals. Even if websites meet the quality check for functionality and performance, it doesn’t mean that the website is secure. 

Our ESC Cyber-Test ProcessTM is a proprietary mix of robust security testing practices that runs websites through known and new cyber crime techniques. After passing this process, you can have peace of mind that the information received and shared on your website is appropriately protected. 

The ESC Cyber-Test Process consists of:

  • Staged attacks using common hacking methods
  • Stress-tests on all possible access points 
  • Tests of emerging cyber crime tactics
  • Diagnostic reporting on vulnerable plugins

We know how cybercriminals think and behave when approaching their website target. That is why every website that is hosted on ESC servers is regularly run against our Cyber-Test Process. 

We’re currently investigating Brute Force attacks from known hacking IP addresses coming out of Germany, China, and Russia, suspicious e-communication, and malicious malware. Even more, we put in place processes to isolate and block attempts before they even happen from suspicious actions being placed against your data. 

Beyond Cyber Attack Tests 

Not only do we stress-test, we also perform daily, weekly, and monthly virus scans. With a direct line to the latest cyber attacks identified by the government, the moment a new threat comes out, Enterprise Solutions Consulting knows about it – then we add it to our regular testing rotation.

What’s more, with the implementation of comprehensive security protocols for every member of your team, every business person’s phone, computer, tablet, and device has a plan of protection. From how to securely transmit financial documents, store billing details, and share logins with others on your team, we have locked-down processes to protect your whole organization. 

Protected Websites, Saved Budgets, Gained Productivity, & Faster Systems

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Over the years, we have uncovered thousands of dollars in wasted spending, untold hours of lost productivity, and inefficient technology systems. Contact Enterprise Solutions Consulting today to get your systems and processes assessed for vulnerability, lost billing, and missed opportunities.

Happy IT Clients

“Enterprise Solutions Consulting, I appreciate your leadership and how you model good service. You have an above average level of professionalism and integrity that is expressed through your work. This is what makes ESC great beyond delivering top shelf IT work.” – Processes Director, Chicago