How Hard Is It To Put A Value On A Managed Service Provider?

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If you’ve never worked with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you may be wondering what the benefits are of having your technology support covered under one umbrella. Outside of the typical IT assistance, the stigma of a MSP is that it is simply a help desk to respond to incidents or when a team member can’t access their system the way they need to. In actuality, an operative MSP partner has a real benefit for your businesses through precautionary measures and prognostic maintenance.

But, what if your MSP was able to prevent incidents from occurring in the first place?

That is the true value of a Managed Service Provider, to protect your organization from errors, attacks, loss of funds, and outdated systems.

When evaluating your Managed Service Provider, it is important to calculate the following:

  • Does your provider offer services or act as an advisor who partners with you on successful solutions to your issues?
  • Does your current service provider stay up on the latest trends in software, cyber attacks, and technology that could grow your business?
  • Is your current managed support a reactionary fix-it type of process, or are they a true IT consulting expert?
  • How does the Managed Service Provider plan to optimize our technology environment and infrastructure demands for advancement?
  • Will you be able to evaluate the cost of a Managed Service Provider in comparison to its performance and innovation?

A MSP should be more than a provider. It should be a partner!

Oftentimes, companies evaluate the value of a Managed Service Provider through how much they can save in dollars. The question to ask is what sacrifice are you making by lowering the amount of services you receive? Are you saving money at the cost of scheduled tasks, cyber protection, and maintenance investment?

If a Managed Service Provider is on the clock only when you make a phone call for help, that actually means they are accommodating you reactively and as an after effect. What’s to stop those technology issues from rising up again each week, month, or year that prevents your team from moving forward? Your organization truly requires a partner that oversees your infrastructure and devices before an issue occurs.

An top-notch Managed Service Provider should administer:

  1. Examine – Use the power of “why” to find a better way when it comes to system audits, network optimization, and server installation
  2. Protect – We guard your budget, data, and business as if it were ours. This includes preventative measures in cybersecurity, cloud services, and backup recovery.
  3. Support – We do the work to give personal, patient, empathetic help. You’ll receive fast response times and on-site services that are professional and friendly.
  4. Outdo – We deliver what we promise and MORE through our predictable fees, 30+ years of experience, and free estimates.

How can we as a MSP help you do more?

Over the years, we have uncovered thousands of dollars in wasted spending, untold hours of lost productivity, and inefficient technology systems. Our services give your organization saved time by expanding performance and security through network monitoring and protective maintenance. You can protect your data without having to sacrifice your level of support that your organization requires to move forward prosperously.

Contact Enterprise Solutions Consulting today for a discussion about what a Managed Service Provider can do for your organization. We’ll get your systems and processes assessed for vulnerability, lost billing, and missed opportunities.

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