Old Computers Can Be Access By Hackers…

Are you protecting against cyber threats on devices you thought weren’t still in use…

We blocked 117 Infections last year within our customer environments. And this year isn’t likely to be any different. Cybercriminals don’t seem to be slowing down. Instead they’re devising new tactics—all designed to get a hold of your organization’s information. That could be on old computers in an empty desk, on your teams cell phones, or website access points.

Enterprise Solutions Consulting helps protect against threats like: 

  1. EMAIL PHISHING88% of organizations have experienced spear phishing attempts in 2019.1
  2. DATA THEFTOn average, only 5% of companies’ folders are properly protected.2
  3. MOBILE MALWARENew variants have increased by 54 percent in the last year.3

Over the years, we have uncovered thousands of dollars in wasted spending, untold hours of lost productivity, and inefficient technology systems. Our services give your organization saved time by expanding performance and security through network monitoring and protective maintenance. You can protect your data without having to sacrifice your level of support that your organization requires to move forward prosperously.

Contact Enterprise Solutions Consulting today for a discussion about what a Managed Service Provider can do for your organization. We’ll get your systems and processes assessed for vulnerability, lost billing, and missed opportunities.

Happy Managed Service Provider Clients

“Enterprise Solutions Consulting, I appreciate your leadership and how you model good service. You have an above average level of professionalism and integrity that is expressed through your work. This is what makes ESC great beyond delivering top shelf IT work.” – Processes Director, Chicago

1 Proofpoint, State of the Phish, 2022

2 Based on data from Varonis.

3 Internet Security Threat Report, Vol. 23, Symantec 2017